10 of the Most Common Indoor Cycling Mistakes

Our friend, Schwinn Master Trainer and Fitness Expert, Rachel Buschert Vaziralli,wrote this awesome blog on things people do wrong in indoor cycling classes. We liked it so much, we wanted to share it with you!

Rachel breaks down the most common errors in cycling class, how they effect the body (short term and long term), and how riders can recognize them and self-correct. As an avid outdoor cyclist, she explains how the science of outdoor cycling can inform your indoor cycling habit.

1. Sitting incorrectly.

No matter what you do, whether you wear those dorky diaper-like cycle shorts or take a stack of towels to the seat, the saddle will never be a couch! But, learning how to sit on it correctly can make a world of difference for your comfort level and help protect the (male and female) jewels.

Believe it or not, gel covers generally do not help the situation. Gel covers can:

  1. Cause more friction (on a bike seat, friction is not your friend), or
  2. Cause you to shift more from right to left causing excessive “tugging” of the lower back muscles.

Advice:Make sure not to posteriorly tilt your pelvis (AKA don’t sit with your tail between your legs). Instead, sit towards the back edge of saddle (almost like you’re sticking your butt out, with a neutral spine). Use resistance, and come on, get some diaper shorts already!

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