10 beginner ski tips for your next ski holidays

It’s almost Christmas and if you haven’t booked your next ski holidays yet, it’s the time when you are probably craving for powder and hitting the slopes.

Snow is beautiful and synonym of fun for intermediate and advanced skiers and boarders, but it could also represent a stress for beginners who already had a bad experience or just don’t know how it’s going to be like. Indeed, non skiers often have visions of snow patrols, face plants and people walking awkwardly in ski boots.

If you feel you could use a couple of good skiing advices to really enjoy your next ski holidays, here are ten tips to help you feel more at ease when you put your skis on.

10. Don’t look down at your skis tips

This is a natural reflex when you are not use to have your two feet attached to skis; people tend to look at their skis instead of looking forward. It’s pretty much the same as walking, driving or aiming; you need to focus on where you are going rather than where you are. This will help you to better anticipate uneven terrain and to avoid collisions with other skiers or obstacles such as trees or bumps. Remember, the faster you go the further ahead you need to be looking.

9. Choose the Right Type of Terrain

Ski holidays

Beginner should look for green runs, which are flatter and usually perfectly groomed runs. Green runs are not as steep as others runs which will help you to not get to much speed and to focus on your skiing rather than being afraid of the terrain. It might be hard for the ego to start at the bottom beginner slope of a huge ski area but this will help to learn the basics before exploring the mountain on blue runs. Be careful thought to not stick to a completely flat area of the run as you’ll need a bit of speed to make turns.

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